Important Notes for Visa Application

  1. All students without the right of abode/right to land in Hong Kong must apply for a student visa for the purpose of education from the Hong Kong Immigration Department (ImmD).
  2. Student visa applicants are required to have a local sponsor. While admitting to HKU, you are required to nominate Admissions and Academic Liaison Section (AAL) of the Registry to be your local sponsor.
  3. You should read carefully the visa application website and start the online application here by clicking "Register" if you intend to:
    1. Apply for entry for study in Hong Kong
    2. Apply for extension of stay for study in Hong Kong
    3. Apply for internship approval in connection with existing visa/entry permit
    4. Apply for change of study programme against existing visa/entry permit
    5. Apply for replacement of visa/entry permit due to loss or damage
  4. If you are holding a Chinese passport and currently residing in an overseas country with a permanent residency, you may apply as an overseas student here or contact here, however this arrangement is for students admitting to an exchange or summer/short-term study programme only.
  5. Please read carefully the University Personal Information Collection Statement before submitting your visa application. You must fulfill the application procedures as set out in this online application system. Moreover, all submitted documents will not be returned.

  1. The processing time for application of a visa/entry permit will require 10 weeks. The applicant is strongly advised to submit the application as soon as he/she has received either a Conditional Admission Offer or a Firm Admission Offer from HKU.
  2. Upon a visa/entry permit granted by ImmD, the visa/entry permit label is to be collected by AAL for onward transmission to the applicant. However, the visa/entry permit label will ONLY be sent to the applicant after he/she has submitted a copy of the signed Firm Admission Offer Letter to AAL.
  3. Besides the visa/entry permit label, applicants should apply for an “Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao” (EEP) 【往来港澳通行证】and a relevant exit endorsement 【相關赴港簽注】 from the Public Security Bureau where his/her household registration is kept【備存其戶口登記的公安局】. This procedure will take approximately 2 weeks. All applicants MUST follow this procedure and entry into Hong Kong must be directly from Mainland China for activation of his/her student visa.
  4. The duration of stay in Hong Kong should strictly adhere to the period granted by ImmD as printed on the visa/entry permit label. If the applicant is a full time undergraduate or postgraduate programme student, he/she is strongly advised to enter Hong Kong not more than 2 weeks before the programme commencement date for registration and/or participation in the University's orientation activities.
  1. All mainland students who need to extend their period of stay in Hong Kong due to expiry of visa/entry permit or deferment of study are required to apply extension of stay in Hong Kong from ImmD before their existing visa/entry permit expires.
  2. The processing time of application for an extension of stay in Hong Kong will require 2 to 3 weeks. ImmD will accept application within 4 weeks before the expiry date of existing visa/entry permit.
  3. AAL will only issue a supporting letter to the applicant. He/She is required to submit in person the supporting letter, along with all other application documents to ImmD (Quality Migrants and Mainland Residents Section), to complete the application. For more information about the application procedures at ImmD, please visit the following website:
  4. The applicant MUST be physically in Hong Kong on the date of submission and collection of new visa/entry permit label. He/She will have to pay HK$240 when he/she collects the new visa/entry permit label at ImmD.
  1. Mainland students who do not have a valid No Objection Letter (NOL) allowing them to take up internship should seek approval from ImmD.
  2. According to the policies from the ImmD, non-local students of full-time local programmes at degree level or above and whose study period is not less than one academic year may take up internship subject to the following conditions:
    • The internships must be study/curriculum-related and be arranged or endorsed by the institutions they are studying in; and
    • The duration of the internship is up to one academic year, or one-third of the normal duration of the relevant full-time academic programme, whichever is the shorter.
  3. Students who have already fulfilled all graduation requirements of the study programme are not allowed to take up internship. In addition, students of short term visiting programmes, summer programmes and exchange programmes are not allowed to take up internship, part-time employment and summer employment.
  4. The processing time of application for internship approval will require 4-6 weeks. Application must be completed in advance before the internship employment starts.
  5. After the expiry of the existing one, applicants can apply again, if necessary, through the online visa application system for a new NOL.
  1. Mainland students will have to seek approval from ImmD for changing his/her study programme. The application will only be approved provided that the applicant continues to fulfill eligibility criteria for study.
  2. If a student did not seek approval from ImmD and need to extend his/her study, ImmD will not approve his/her extension of stay application in advance.
  3. The processing time of application for change of study programme will require 4-6 weeks.
  1. Mainland students should apply for replacement of visa/entry permit from ImmD if the existing one is lost or damaged.
  2. In the case of lost Exit-entry permit (EEP) which is affixed with his/her student visa in an area outside Hong Kong, he/she is required to first replace the EEP in the Mainland at the Public Security Bureau where his/her household registration is kept. At the same time, the applicant is advised to apply for a tourist visa (旅遊簽證) to enter Hong Kong for processing the student visa replacement in person at ImmD (Quality Migrants and Mainland Residents Section).
  3. If the applicant has already entered/is staying in Hong Kong, he/she should first go to the Hong Kong Police to obtain a reported loss memo, then proceed to AAL to collect the supporting letter, and finally go to ImmD to start the replacement formalities. Applicant should also go to the China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited, with the new visa/entry permit label issued by ImmD, to replace the relevant exit endorsement as well.
  4. The applicant is strongly advised to submit the application as soon as he/she does not have a valid visa/entry permit. AAL will only issue the supporting letter to the applicant. All replacement fees incurred will be borne by the applicant.

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